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Where can I use the epay Visa® Rewards Card?

The epay Visa® Rewards Card is accepted at authorized, participating Visa® locations throughout the United States (except in Puerto Rico and Guam). The plastic card will need to be unlocked prior to use. Please go to to unlock your card.

If you have a virtual card, enter those numbers as you would any credit card information when purchasing items at online retailers or making purchases over the phone. Make sure to indicate the Card should be processed as credit. Because your Card is virtual, it may not be accepted at all in-person locations. Please ask the associate whether they will process transactions that require manual entry of your Card information.

Can I use the epay Visa® Rewards Card Online?

Yes! Before using your card at an online merchant, the card will need to be registered. Please go to to register your card.

Does the epay Visa® Rewards Card expire?

Yes, the card funds expire 12 months from the date of activation, for activation date go to

How do I find the available balance on my card?

Go to top of page and click on Check Balance or call 1.800.755.0085 for Cardholder assistance.

What if my epay Visa® Rewards Card is lost or stolen?

For lost or stolen cards call Cardholder support 1.800.985.4316. A $5.00 card replacement fee applies and will be automatically deducted from your available balance.